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Finger Wart

Finger Wart

Finger Wart

Top Five Facts About Your Finger Wart

You may be suffering from an ugly finger wart. You are not alone. Many other individuals suffer from warts too. That however, doesn’t make your condition any less undesirable. If you want to understand how to deal with warts on your finger, you should know some basic facts about them first.

#1- Warts are harmless.

A finger wart is also known as a common wart. Normal wart growths will not kill you. They may even be painless especially if they don’t get rubbed or touched very often. An even better piece of news about warts on the finger is that they normally go away on their own after a couple of weeks or months. If your wart condition isn’t really bothering you, then you should just leave it alone. This is in fact, one recommendation that some doctors may actually give you. If you feel however that the wart in your finger significantly interferes with your life or causes you too much embarrassment, you may have it treated.

#2- A wart on the finger can be treated at home.

Some people choose not to go to a doctor for finger wart treatment. You may be able to get rid of your wart at home by using some popular remedies. One of the most commonly used remedy is the duct tape method. Putting some tape over the wart and leaving it there for several days can reduce the size of the wart. Not every home remedy like this however will work for every individual. If you want to consider other treatment options, you may want to consult your doctor about medication or minor surgical procedures.

#3- Warts are hard to kill.

Your finger wart shares similar characteristics with other wart types. One outstanding trait of warts is that they are difficult to kill. You may have to undergo several sessions of a treatment method before your wart is eliminated. Even when your wart does disappear, the virus that caused it may still be lying around dormant. Some time after a successful initial treatment, the virus may cause another wart growth. This is true even if you choose to undergo an expensive medical procedure.

#4- Common warts can be prevented.

The best treatment method for a finger wart is plain and simple prevention. If you don’t catch the virus that causes it, you don’t have to live with a wart or to look for solutions to it to begin with. Common warts are often spread through direct skin contact with the HPV virus. In some cases, using personal items or nail tools of someone with a wart may put you in contact with the virus. If you have a small skin cut on your finger, the wart virus may enter from there. The best way to prevent getting a finger wart is to be careful with what you touch and to maintain clean and dry hands.

#5- Patience is the key to successful treatment.

A finger wart will not go away overnight. Hence, you have to be patient. Once you start a treatment procedure, resist the urge to pop or manually scrape your wart. You could make your condition worse by manually spreading the virus across your skin.

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